Cable Panel 5: Buds

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The Buds is worked over 23 stitches.
Row 1: P5, M3, p4, 3/2LPC, p8.
All even number rows: Knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches
Row 3: P5, k1, M3, k1, p6, 3/2LPC, p6.
Row 5: P5, k2, M3, k2, p8, 3/1LPC, p5.
Row 7: P5, k7, p9, 3/1LPC, p4.
Row 9: P5, k7, p10, 3/1LPC, p3
Row 11: P5, CO, p11, 3/1LPC, p2.
Row 13: P4, 3/1RPC, p1, 3/2LPC, p10, k3, p2.
Row 15: P3, 3/1RPC, p4, 3/2LPC, p7, 3/1RPC, p2.
Row 17: P2, 3/1RPC, p7, 3/2LPC, p4, 3/1RPC, p3.
Row 19: P2, k3, p10, 3/2LPC, p1, 3/1RPC, p4.
Row 21: P2, 3/1LPC, p11, 4/3LC, p5.
Row 23: P3, 3/1LPC, p10, k7,p5.
Row 25: P4, 3/1LPC, p9, k7, p5.
Row 27: P5, 3/1LPC, p8, ssk, sl2-k1-p2sso, k2tog, p5.
Row 29: P6, 3/2LPC, p6, sl2-k1-p2sso, p5
Row 31: P8, 3/2LPC, p10.
Repeat Rows 1 - 32.

M3: (K1, K1-tbl, K1) all in one stitch.
K2tog: Knit 2 sts together. SSK: Slip slip knit
SL2-k1-p2sso: Slip 2 sts together, knit1, pass the slip sts over.
CO: Slip 3 sts to CN, and hold in front, slip next stitch to second CN and hold in back. K3, then P1 from CN held in back, K3 from CN held in front.
4/3 LC: Slip 4 sts to CN and hold in front, K3, then K4 from CN.
3/1 LPC: Slip 3 sts to CN and  hold in font, P1, then K3 from CN.
3/1 RPC: Slip 1 st to CN and hold in back, K3, then P1 from CN.
3/2 LPC: Slip 3 sts to CN and  hold in font, P2, then K3 from CN.
3/2 RPC: Slip 2 sts to CN and hold in back, K3, then P2 from CN.


Hev said...

Curious on Row 23 through Row 31 you use the abbreviation of LRC but LRC is not listed in the legend. What are you meaning by this abbreviation?

Knitting Unlimited said...

I have edited. Thanks

Hev said...

Thank you so much for the quick response. I was afraid I was gonna have to wait & keep my project on hold!

On another note...YES! I guessed what you meant for row 23 & 25! Thanks again!